Let it hurt.  Let it heal.  Let it go.

Our Vision is to provide a healing space for individuals looking to improve their quality of life

through exploration of alternative therapies, classes and workshops

to encourage their spiritual development and self awareness.

Three Ways to begin your Holistic Journey:



No matter where you are on your Spiritual journey, learn to evolve your innate gifts of healing, empathy, and manifestation through the power of your heart. We were not born with a printed life manual. It is time to access this wisdom for ourselves and share with others.



If you are committed to the experience of letting go of what no longer serves you, then an empowering session through one of our services is for you!

There comes a time in our lives when we need to make a change but realize we may still be holding on to patterns and beliefs that keep us from moving forward.

Book one of our services to begin your transformation:



Holistic Journey maintains an uncompromising dedication to using and selling truly healthy natural products. We only use the highest quality and natural products including therapeutic grade essential oils.

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Upcoming Classes and Workshops


Reiki Training

Reiki is a laying-on of hands technique thought to be of Tibetan Buddhist origin that supports healing and personal development.  It was rediscovered in Japan in the 1800s. Reiki is a Japanese word meaning ‘spiritually guided life force energy’. It is a non-invasive healing technique in which the client participates in their own healing. The Reiki practitioner is a clear channel through which universal energy flows. Reiki energy allows us to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

We offer Reiki Level I, II, III and Master/Teacher courses based on the teachings of Dr. Mikao Usui.  The courses are a mixture of lecture, discussion and hands-on practice completing Reiki sessions on yourself and others.

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Chakra Balancing Series

Chakra balancing is the process of restoring a harmonious flow of energy across the chakra system. The effect of well balanced chakras often translates into a feeling of well-being, relaxation, centeredness, increased vitality and embodiment of oneself.

The chakras are a powerful guide to understanding your body’s energy system. Once you understand the concept of each chakra, you can begin to understand the reasons behind the state of your body. This is the essence of chakra healing. You will be provided with various tools to help keep your chakras balanced.

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Relationships and Cording

Do you often find yourself feeling drained or lacking in energy? Is there someone that you just can’t seem to stop thinking about no matter how much you try to let them go?

This evening we will explore energetic cords with others and begin the process of clearing unwanted cords. A guided meditation will be used to help with the process.

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