Meet Anna

Anna Pileci-Cartlidge

Founder, Holistic Journey

Anna is a passionate, energetic and caring Certified Holistic Practitioner, Reiki Master and Essential Oil educator, who has dedicated her life to enriching the lives of others through energy healing. She began her career in finance but her love of helping people led her on a different path. Beginning with aesthetics, she wanted to make others feel good about themselves but quickly realized that the true feeling of contentment and happiness came from deeper within which led her to energy healing. Her first experience in the field was with Reiki and she has never looked back. She went on to complete her Holistic Health Practitioner certification at the Transformational Arts College in Toronto. Anna is now a Certified Natural Health Practitioner and affiliate member of the International Reiki Association.

Anna is the proud owner and founder of Holistic Journey – a private centre in the Valleywood area of Caledon just north of Brampton also servicing clients from Georgetown, Orangeville and Mississauga. She has been practicing for the last 12 years where she has had immense satisfaction serving hundreds of people. Anna fully understands how stress, if left untreated, can fully integrate into the body and have adverse effects on quality of life. It is her aim to educate others how to reach their true health potential.

After going through her own journey with depression and self-story-telling,  Anna offers guidance to individuals who are on a spiritual journey looking to connect to their soul purpose on a deeper level. She help people work through past traumas and life experiences that keep them stuck in situations they have difficulty moving forward from. She helps people move away from living their lives based on others expectations and connecting deeper with their own self-image. She helps people find their light in the midst of the chaos of everyday life – shedding one layer at a time.

One of Anna’s other passions is educating others which has led her to teaching Reiki and Chakra Balancing. Anna feels honored and privileged to educate and certify many students in all levels of Reiki and Chakra Balancing. Her students have gone on to practice and teach themselves which brings the greatest joy to any teacher. She is still truly moved when her students first experience Reiki energy flowing through their hands, and how they can interpret the energy shifts in the body.

Anna has also always had an interest in Essential Oils and their influence on our body, mind, spirit, and emotions. She has been incorporating them into her personal life and business since 2003. In early 2016, she discovered dōTERRA essential oils and has since used them exclusively due to their purity and potency. Please contact us to learn how Essential Oils can be incorporated into all aspects of your daily life.

Whether you’re looking for stress relief or to improve your everyday health, get relief from various health concerns or just wanting to get back to the basics of good health –  you will find something of use here at Holistic Journey.  Anna is committed to empowering you to live your greatest, most fulfilling life and together to create a more loving, sustainable, peaceful world together.