Meet Anna

Anna Pileci-Cartlidge
Founder, Holistic Journey

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website to learn about the services and courses we offer.

Over 25 years ago, I suffered from anxiety and depression. I was recently divorced, a single mother of a 2.5-year-old, and I did not have the energy to get through most days. I felt alone and isolated and that no one truly understood how I was feeling or the pain that I was in.  Looking for love in all the wrong places, I knew there was more to the life I was living.  Being in a constant cycle of painful relationships, I was beyond consumed by frustration and overwhelming anxious feelings. 

I was born in Southern Italy to “traditional” parents who at an early age instilled within me all their societal, cultural and religious beliefs. There were very specific ways for me to act and things to believe. But I have always seen the world from a different point of view.  From an early age I knew that much of what was going on around me was simply people “fitting in” and I quickly realized this did not feel right to me and was not the life I wanted to live. But I often felt like an outcast and so much pressure around not conforming to these conventional societal, religious or cultural norms.

My healing journey began once I discovered the truth behind my relationships and the role they each played into shaping who I am today.  My journey allowed me to learn about and heal the parts of my life that no longer served me – releasing me to the life I always wanted and leading to my ultimate breakthroughs.

Today I live a life of passion – in a dream relationship followed by my career as an Energy Healing Entrepreneur.

As a Relationship Mentor, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Chakra Healing Expert, my greatest fulfillment comes from helping others break this painful cycle creating the love and the life they aspire to have.

Thank you for reading about me.  My intention in sharing my journey is to show you there is hope in the world when you might feel there is none and to give you the courage to create the life you know is possible for YOU!

I look forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to work with you and empowering you to live your greatest, most fulfilling life. 

Together we can create a more loving, sustainable, peaceful world.