Anna Pileci-Cartlidge

Founder, Holistic Journey


About Me
I am a Spiritual Intuitive, Reiki Master, Certified Natural Health Practitioner and essential oil expert.  I specialize in emotional well-being, Energy Healing and Spiritual through the Chakras. What I value most is the core values in my life which are: freedom of expression, love, courage, peace, family, continuous growth and learning, authenticity, integrity, compassion and understanding.  I have been practicing almost two decades and have had immense satisfaction serving hundreds of people. Through Spiritual Healing, I provide my clients a new perception on the events in their lives, helping them to see clearly what they signify.

I’m the proud owner and founder of Holistic Journey, a private practice in the Valleywood area of Caledon, just north of Brampton.  I work with local and worldwide clients offering in-person and online services in addition to classes in Reiki and Chakra Balancing.

It is my privilege and honour to educate and certify many students in all levels of Reiki. My greatest reward is empowering my students to trust their intuition and guiding them to interpret the energy shifts in the body.

Throughout the years I’ve had a passion for pure essential oils. I incorporate them in my sessions and personal life as they have a positive influence and response to our overall health and balance of body, mind, spirit, and emotions.  I also provide classes and consultations to those who are interested in learning how these natural products can be incorporated into all aspects of daily life.

My World before Holistic Journey
I began a career in the corporate world in the finance sector and merchandising for over twenty years.  I then discovered my true passion for helping people, which eventually changed the course of my path. My first experience in the field was aesthetics, which quickly led me to the world of Energy Healing and Reiki. I went on to complete my Holistic Health Practitioner certification at the Transformational Arts College in Toronto. I am now a Reiki Master, Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Essential Oil Educator and affiliate member of the International Reiki Association.

Only after going through my own dark journey and depression starting from the teenage years of 16 (but most likely began in childhood closer to the age of 5) was I able to find my light in the midst of everyday chaos.   Peeling back the layers has led me to a life of social, cultural, emotional and spiritual freedom.

Falling under social and cultural restrictions, I married at 23 and had my only son at the age of 26.  By the age of 28 I took my first step toward uncovering the layers discovering who I really was.  I left my marriage and made the choice to raise my son as a single parent. During this time, my journey continued with a few more relationships, all playing an integral part in my growth. Delving deeper into who I was, I discovered where my dysfunctional patterns emerged from and how these dysfunctions contributed to the tribe I had formed.

After many years of being on the path, different opportunities and blessings opened up for me.  I’ve grown spiritually and individually, as a mother, partner and wife.  Today I am able to give back more of my authentic self to those around me and I am blessed to have found my place in a happy, fulfilling and stable relationship with an amazing person to share my life with. My journey of self-discovery and growth continues in a better light.

On the Journey
Sometimes we may feel like the lone black sheep amongst the white sheep. For some of us however, this sense of not belonging runs more deeply and we carry the weight of it for many years. It is possible to feel like the outcast in families and peer groups that are supportive, in addition to those that are not. Even if we do not receive criticism regarding our values, there will likely be times when it seems that relatives and friends are humouring us or waiting for us to grow “out of a stage” in our lives.

Sometimes it may feel like we are adopted because we are so different from our family members.

When we move beyond comparisons and accept our differences, we appreciate the significance of our upbringing and socialization in each of our unique life’s journeys.  We can acknowledge the importance of these individuals by devoting a portion of our energy to keeping these relationships healthy while continuing to define our own identities apart from them

My Commitment to You
It is my mission to educate others how to reach their true Health and Spiritual potential. The key to wellness is to create a smooth flow of energy through the Chakras that is rhythmic and consistent, just like a heartbeat. 

I am committed to guiding individuals who are on a spiritual journey looking to connect to their soul purpose on a deeper level.   My strengths lie in helping you decode your life’s events and experiences that hold you back and anchored to the past. I help you decode these experiences and sift through the layers of their significance, appreciating how they shaped you into who you are today, and help you release the negative energy required for spiritual and emotional growth.  I am committed to helping you live a life of purpose and meaning with the passion to carry out your soul dreams and experience your personal freedom.  Shedding one layer at a time, I will help you uncover what no longer serves you, freeing you to live your life on your own terms.  All the answers you need are already within you.

Whether you’re looking for help to find your true self and purpose, de-stress, get relief from various health concerns or you just want to get back to the basics of good health –  you will find something of use at Holistic Journey.

Thank you for reading about me.  My intention is to share my transparency of who I am and the path I was on, to show you that there is hope and work in self-discovery. I hope to accomplish that. I look forward to hearing from you and perhaps the opportunity to work with you by empowering you to live your greatest, most fulfilling life. Together we can create a more loving, sustainable, peaceful world.

Meet Anna