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Spiritual Mentor, Reiki Master Teacher, Chakra Healing Expert, and Founder of Holistic Journey

Anna is best known as the "Healer for the Healers"!

Anna has been practicing and teaching Reiki and Chakra Healing for well over a decade. As an Empath, she found herself entangled in the web of anxiety, depression, and even moments of despair.

It was a pivotal moment in her life, where the darkness threatened to consume her. But it was also the spark that ignited her profound healing journey. In this transformation, she came to a profound realization – she wasn't alone in her struggles. There were fellow Empaths out there, silently battling the same inner storms.

She has helped hundreds of private clients and Entrepreneurs through their healing and certifying hundreds of practitioners through her certification programs.

Now, she wants to help YOU!

Real Students, Real Thoughts.....

"The inner healing work, intuition and shifts I experienced took me to another level"

Before I took this Online Reiki Practitioners Certification course with Anna, we have been working together for about 4 years now. She is the first person who introduced me to the world of Reiki and I never turned back. The inner healing work, intuition, and shifts I have experienced took me personally to another level.

During the class and our work together, I learned that doing deeper work, facing my fears, and listening to my heart (not my head) will open doors to a whole new realm of our higher selves. Just trust - trust your intuition, your messages - they are there for a reason.

Now that I am a Reiki Practitioner I have a new profound tool - a tool that will keep me grounded, focused, and supported. It provided me with a new way of looking at and living life. I am blessed and excited to see where I go on this journey. It feels refreshing, safe, adventurous, and humbling. 

Anna from the bottom of my heart - Thank you Xo

- Cassandra

"My life has changed in ways I never could have Imagined."

Anna has empowered me to take control of my life and find my truth. Reiki not only helped ease the physical pain I was in but has put me on a path to healing the parts of me I didn’t even realize needed healing.

Taking the Reiki Practitioner Certification course opened up a whole new connection with the Reiki energy that made me feel powerful and peaceful at the same time.

Anna has always said that you don’t find Reiki, Reiki finds you. I believe that Reiki found me at the time I needed it most and after this course, I know it will always be a part of me.

Anna is such a beautiful soul – she has played such an important part in my healing journey and I can’t wait to continue our work together.

- Meika

"Anna guided me on a new essence of life, an opportunity to discover myself to a journey of self-love and acceptance".

Reiki came into my life at the most difficult time.  In my world, my universe and energy were both depleted in my life.  Having lost the closest people to me left me numb and sad, and that’s when reiki and Anna from Holistic Journey entered my life.

Being a recipient of reiki, Anna guided me on a new essence of life, an opportunity to better myself, discover myself, and begin my healing journey through energy work to a journey of self love and acceptance.  I found the beautiful benefits of energy work and things started shifting for me.  I became more authentic, condifdent, understanding, happy and free.

The class is in-depth, of self-discovery, growth, change, and an opportunity to experience a new zest for life, all through the energy that surrounds us. 

Now that I am a reiki practitioner, I will continue my healing journey through self-reiki as it provides deep relaxation. As my intuition is heightened its a beautiful feeling that Reiki 2 allows me to send healing through distance, as reiki works over distance because its energy, and is not bound by time or space.

There is no accident Reiki and Anna were put on my path. I highly recommend Anna from Holistic Journey, her dedication and passion for energy work, can contribute to your healing through all levels of energy: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual is absolutely one of a kind.  Her teachings were simple, accessible, and very encouraging.  The class left me confident that I can also pursue what I have learned, to share and help others.  Thank you for being on this Journey with me, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Anna Spiwak