Are you ready to Break the Cycle of Painful Relationships?


Over 25 years ago, I suffered from anxiety and depression. I was recently divorced, a single mother, and I did not have the energy to get through most of my days. Looking for love in all the wrong places, I knew there was more to the life I was living beyond the frustration and overwhelming anxious feelings.

Although I was successful in my career, it left me drained and wanting for more. My healing journey began through Reiki and Chakra Healing, which allowed me to let go of the parts that no longer served me releasing me to the life I wanted, leading to my ultimate breakthrough.

Today I live a life of passion – I am in my dream relationship and career as an Entrepreneur. As a Mentor, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Chakra Healing Expert, my greatest fulfillment comes from helping others create the life they aspire to have.

Are you a strong woman finding you often attract difficult relationships?

Are you tired of the expectations and pressures of keeping it all together?

Learn the tools to help you understand the meaning behind these relationships and to create a more meaningful life.

Discover how to connect with your Inner Wisdom and Transform Your Life.

Anna is a blessing to my life. The universe lead me to Anna when I was searching for my authentic self. I am just about to finish my Chakra Clearing and Balancing Certification Course and will be participating in Reiki I and II in April. Life changing experience. Don’t just take the classes, Anna’s mentoring program is phenomenal!

Adella F.

Your Journey to your BEST LIFE BEGINS HERE!


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I think this was an amazing experience learning a new skill and developing a deeper understanding of my chakras and how it all plays a role in my life, all on Zoom with other beautiful like minded women!!!!

Anna is a wonderful woman! From the first conversation I had with her after coming across her on the Internet when I was just becoming interested in learning. More about the chakras, I knew she was the one I wanted to mentor me!!!! Anna is truly genuine and authentic and she is working through her soul sharing her gifts and skills with others!!!! I am very grateful to have had the opportunity!!!!❤️

Sabrina Ferri

Anna Pileci-Cartlidge

I’m Anna. I am the founder of Holistic Journey. I am a Spiritual Mentor, Reiki Master Teacher, and Chakra Healing Expert.

As an entrepreneur doing the work I love, I get incredible joy and fulfillment helping other women heal the layers of their lives they find themselves stuck in. I help them see clearly what has been in front of them all along – a life just waiting for them to explore with infinite possibilities.

I have been practicing over two decades, certified hundreds of students, and offer certification programs for those who want to understand themselves on a deeper level and/or start a new career. I also offer 1:1 mentoring for practitioners and holistic business owners who are looking to take their practices to the next level – take it from being a “hobby” and transforming it into a profitable, viable business.

I will help you CREATE YOUR BEST LIFE!

I help Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Holistic Practitioners who are FRUSTRATED and need the tools to build a profitable, successful business.

Are you READY to build the business of your dreams and live the life you’ve always wanted? Work with me through my step-by-step proven system to help you build a successful 5-figure per month holistic practice. Book a 45-minute Complimentary “FINDING ME” Breakthrough Consultation to start your journey TODAY.