The Path to Healing is an Inner Journey

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You may appear to have it all together on the outside, but on the inside you are feeling unfulfilled, exhausted and frustrated with the mundane day-to-day cycle.

You are ready to create and move towards your best life.


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You’ve embarked on a holistic career but you feel stuck building your business. You want to learn how to build your business to 5-figures in income per month but you have blocks and need to learn the mindset, tools and skills required to build a successful holistic practice.

Work with me as I outline the blueprint to take you to 5-figures in income per month.

Anna Pileci-Cartlidge

I’m Anna. I am the founder of Holistic Journey. I am a Spiritual Mentor, Reiki Master Teacher, and Chakra Healing Expert.

I have been practicing over two decades specializing in mentoring women who appear to have it all together on the outside, but yet feel unfulfilled, frustrated, and left exhausted from the same mundane day in and day out cycle. I mentor these women to gain deeper self-knowledge, so they can have more meaningful relationships and careers.

As an entrepreneur doing the work I love, I get incredible joy and fulfillment helping other women heal the layers of their lives they find themselves stuck in. I help them see clearly what has been in front of them all along – a life just waiting for them to explore with infinite possibilities.

Holistic Journey offers classes as well as customized sessions. I also mentor practitioners and holistic business owners who are looking to take their practices to the next level – take it from being a “hobby” and transforming it into a profitable, viable business.

I will help you CREATE YOUR BEST LIFE!

Our natural state is to grow and change, but sometimes we get stuck. Work with me to gain deep self-knowledge, increase your peace and vitality, and Create your Best Life so you are able to have the relationships and career you truly desire.

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