Energy Healing Certification Program 

Learn to Heal yourself and others

Guiding you on your journey of personal transformation.


You’re here right now because you’re a woman who is feeling a little stuck or mystified as to why you aren’t feeling whole or fully in your power. Our natural state is to grow and change, but sometimes we get stuck. I’ve designed my classes to allow you to gain deep self-knowledge, increase your peace and vitality, and CREATE YOUR BEST LIFE so you are able to have the relationships and career you truly desire.

You likely already have certain areas of your life working well and may even be successful in some
area of your life but you feel like something is still missing and you want to reach your highest
potential, as well as make an impact in the world knowing there is more out there for you.
Perhaps you’re looking for the best version to your happiest self – the one that was so excited
when you first got started in your career or relationship. Or maybe you’re looking for some guidance
who’s been there and has made many life changes – one who understands deeply the challenges and questions you face, and can give you powerful insights, consciousness-changing insights and high-level support. Or maybe you have BIG goals and dreams, but need help focusing and give you guidance on what may be holding you back from reaching your truest potential and life you desire.

To help empower women and help the CREATE THEIR BEST LIFE, I offer the following courses and meditation nights to support you on your path to growth and healing.





Are you looking to start your own energy healing business? Or do you already have a healing business that you are looking to add new modalities to and bring to the next level?

Holistic Journey offers two Energy Healing Certification Programs that will get you the training and business mentoring you need so that you can get started NOW! Learn from our experiences over the last 13+ years and receive our tips and blueprints to build a thriving and profitable holistic business! Our regular program offers all three of our certification programs while our ELITE package includes 1:1 sessions with Anna for those that want to move even quicker!

Please see the individual program descriptions below and click on the image below to send me an email so we can discuss how best to move forward!

Individual Courses Offered:



In the Reiki Level One class you are attuned to the Reiki energy and taught how to use it. The attunement process is a ceremony whereby you are connected to the healing energy through the Crown Chakra. In the Reiki Level Two class you learn some advanced techniques and receive a further attunement session to connect you with three Usui symbols which are used to enhance your Reiki sessions. 


The Reiki Master/Teacher Level III class is a two day program. At the Master level, the student learns the Reiki Level III attunement which increases the strength of the Reiki energy. This class is the final step to becoming a Reiki Master based on the principles of Dr. Mikao Usui.


Our Practitioners Certification program is taught over three consecutive Saturdays.  Do you know which of your Chakras are out of balance?  This Certification course will provide an in-depth explanation of the 7 Chakras and how they can affect your life and health. In the third week you will learn how to perform a full Chakra Balancing Service!


Have you completed our Practitioners Certification and are looking now to teach Chakra Balancing to others?  Complete our Chakra Balancing Teachers Certification class to learn the process and gain the tools required to certify Chakra Balancing Practitioners.  



My biggest takeaway from the Chakra Balancing Class was the connection between the chakras and their physical, mental and emotional manifestation. The curriculum allowed us to put into action everything we learned in the class material. My recommendation for anyone thinking about taking this class is to just GO FOR IT!

Nellie J., Vaughan, Ontario

Understanding the chakra system was an eye opener for me in particular how so much that has manifested in my current life based on my past experiences. This class was both a learning and healing experience all in one. There is so much to learn about yourself in this class, it has been a life-changing experience and I am grateful for it.

Michelle E., Brampton, Ontario

This class was a great self-discovery class. The key learning for me was making a connection between the chakras and its impact on our physical and emotional state along with its origin.

Rita S., Brampton, Ontario

This class was very informative and very helpful in understanding yourself as well as others. It described perfectly how the Chakras are affected, how they relate to the events of my life and why I’m holding back from truly achieving my dreams. Anyone looking for healing can benefit from taking this class.

Kathy M., Milton, Ontario