Resolving Inner Conflict

Most people struggle with how to bring more peace into their lives. If we are to have true peace in this world, each one of us must find it in ourselves first. If we don’t like ourselves, for example, we probably won’t like those around us. If we are in a constant state of inner conflict, then we will probably manifest conflict in the world. If we have fighting or arguments within our families, there can be no peace in the world. We must look deeper within our internal struggles because this is truly the only place we can really create change.

When we begin the process of looking inside ourselves for the meaning of peace, we will begin to understand why it has always been so difficult to come by.   Healing is the path of self-discovery and sometimes we need to look at the deep-rooted issues and possibly unresolved trauma that are keeping us from the life we deserve to have.  This awareness is important because we cannot truly move in alignment with peace until we understand the many tendencies and passions that threaten our ability to find it. Peace necessarily includes, even as it transcends, all of our primal energy, much of which has been expressed in ways that contradict peace.

Being at peace with ourselves is not about denying or rejecting any part of ourselves. On the contrary, in order to be at peace, we must be willing and able to hold ourselves, in all our complexity, in a full embrace.  Ironically, though, true peace begins with a willingness to take responsibility for our humanity so that we might ultimately transform it in the light of our love.   The seven Chakras describe the architecture of our soul, mapping each major human function.  When our Chakras are aligned we are in charge of our life and emotions.  Each Chakra governs basic human experiences and depending on how our past has impacted us they can either be considered deficient which results from an avoidant strategy or excessive, resulting from a compensating strategy.  In order to function at your best, all your Chakras need to be balanced.  Do you know which of your Chakras are leaking power, and do you know when/where the leak originated?  How deeply do you really know yourself and why you act the way you do?  Is everything you see and believe true, or is it just an illusion trying to keep you safe?  Perhaps in your early childhood years it served a purpose. But those illusions are wreaking havoc in your adult life.

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