Success Stories at Holistic Journey

Chakra Balancing Course

My biggest takeaway from the Chakra Balancing Class was the connection between the chakras and their physical, mental and emotional manifestation. The curriculum allowed us to put into action everything we learned in the class material. My recommendation for anyone thinking about taking this class is to just GO FOR IT!

Nellie J., Vaughan, Ontario

Understanding the chakra system was an eye opener for me in particular how so much that has manifested in my current life based on my past experiences. This class was both a learning and healing experience all in one. There is so much to learn about yourself in this class, it has been a life-changing experience and I am grateful for it.

Michelle E., Brampton, Ontario

This class was a great self-discovery class. The key learning for me was making a connection between the chakras and its impact on our physical and emotional state along with its origin.

Rita S., Brampton, Ontario

This class was very informative and very helpful in understanding yourself as well as others. It described perfectly how the Chakras are affected, how they relate to the events of my life and why I’m holding back from truly achieving my dreams. Anyone looking for healing can benefit from taking this class.

Kathy M., Milton, Ontario

Transformational Packages

The process of healing is a continuous journey, and I am so happy that I found a wonderful healer, teacher, listener and mentor, that was able to guide me throughout the many layers and facets that I am discovering about myself. You are definitely on the right path in offering the transformational packages, as healing does take time and can’t be ‘cured’ in a single session. Thank you for extending this opportunity to me; and providing me the guidance and healing my body and soul needed in a safe and welcoming environment.

R.S. - Brampton, ON

I came to Anna and participated in a transformational package to help me understand more about my life (past, present, and future), my relationships and most importantly myself.  Anna worked closely with me and was able to show me that our past experiences and thought patterns affect us strongly today, and that the process of reflecting and releasing those thoughts that no longer serve us is so beneficial.Anna truly has a gift and I am blessed to go on this journey with her guidance and support. It’s wonderful that she is able to help so many people through these sessions so that they can live a full life filled with love, joy and peace.

A.B. - Caledon, ON

I met Anna for the first time when I attended Relationships and Cording Meditation class at Holistic Journey. I was looking to release past emotions that I felt were holding me back from creating the life I wanted. After attending this class, I realized that I wasn’t angry anymore, in fact I wasn’t quite sure what was holding me back from moving forward. So, I scheduled a single Holistic Session with Anna, and immediately after signed up for one of her packages.

Her Reiki and Chakra Balancing Sessions are amazing. Anna gives off such great healing energy. She helped me tap into my layers of insecurity, and old beliefs that are no longer working for me. It has made such a difference in my life.

My experience going to Holistic Journey has been an enlightening, positive spiritual journey for me. I immediately just felt comfortable and safe to open up, share, and talk through things while I was there. I have met such wonderful people through the classes and Reiki training I have taken at Holistic Journey. The Reiki training was very thorough, interactive and fun! Very hands on.

Anna continues to Mentor me, sharing what she knows. She wants me to succeed, and has helped me through my healing process, and the start of my own Reiki practice, with her guidance and support. I feel blessed to have found Anna, an amazing Mentor. You should meet her!

K.M. - Milton, ON

1:1 Sessions

I had the pleasure of meeting Anna in 2014 and my life has totally transformed since then. I have received both Reiki and Chakra balancing which were both beneficial me. I only wished I had met Anna sooner in the course of my life. She’s a great listener and mentor. Claudeen H.

I came to Anna to help me with oils and how I would go about using them. I had such an amazing experience with Anna. Her energy was very positve and up-lifting as you can feel it off her. Anna gave me such an incredible massage. She made sure that I felt calm and relaxed. I highly recommend Anna for her holistic services. I cannot wait to see Anna again. Thank you Anna. J.D.

I go every four weeks for this massage, it is so relaxing. I only dislike that I fall asleep through it & miss parts of it! Anna is a delight & I look forward to our monthly visit. I highly recommend Holistic Journey for any & all services that they offer. Irene B.

It’s an amazing feeling to go in feeling not so good and come out feeling rejuvenated and new. Anna is magical and enjoy all aspects of going to see you – her personality, her abilities & skills, her smile and atmosphere. All instantly make me feel better. Her massages make me feel like a new person and feel so much better! Melanie A.

Anna keeps me sane in my busy work life. I look forward to my monthly spa sessions with Anna. It is my time to totally relax in her caring hands. She is thoroughly professional and holistic. I completely trust her and I learn a lot from her at each session. I’ve been a fully satisfied customer for many years now and for many more to come I am confident. You will be totally relaxed following a session with Anna I am sure. I am so happy to have found her. Lillian C.

I love Anna and her holistic sanctuary. I feel relaxed and at peace when I leave. I have had Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Aromatherapy massage, essential oils information and many discussions Thank you Anna! Kim P.

I can’t say enough about Anna she is amazing. I would never go to anyone else for my reiki she is just fabulous at what she does!! I highly recommend her to everyone. S. B.

I have taken Reiki Level 1,2, 3 and Master with Holistic Journey. I also took Chakra Balancing with Holistic Journey and am now certified in Chakra Balancing as well as Reiki. Anna’s quiet demeanor with both her spiritualism and professionalism brings a wonderful nuance to the meditation segments of training and the learning experience as a whole. I would and have come back to Holistic Journey for Reiki Shares and other events and will continue to. Bonnie M.

As soon as you walk into Anna’ home, your body, mind and spirit begin to settle down. Anna is a great listener and understands how the struggles and traumas in our lives can be experienced and held in our bodies. Through reiki and chakra balancing and essential oils, I left the session feeling rejuvenated and on a healing path. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by booking a session with Anna today! D. J.


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