Energy Healer Certification Program

(Reiki, Chakra Healing Certification and Business Mastery)

Your Path to Spiritual Awakening

You’ve been thinking about a career as a healer for far too long!

It’s time to step up, get certified, and create the life you desire!

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Become the healer you were always meant to be!

Guiding you on your journey of business and personal transformation.

Are you new to healing and need the training and certifications to start a holistic business?

Or maybe you already have some holistic training, but are stuck not knowing the next steps to starting or building your business and career as a holistic practitioner?

If you are ready to learn the healing modalities, build a business from your spiritual gifts, create amazing experiences for your clients, and make a great living doing what you love …  all while CONTINUING ON YOUR OWN SPIRITUAL JOURNEY … then this 6-month Energy Healer Certification Program is for you!

This program will provide you the healing certifications (Reiki and Chakra Healing), business mentoring, and personal healing to build a flourishing business and life!

So … if you are ready to start this transition and want to learn form someone who has “been there, done that”, then this is for you.

Our Unique Approach ... (3)
Practical (3)

The Energy Healer Certification Program has been designed with the spiritual healer in mind – whose intuitive knowing guides their purpose.

At Holistic Journey we take a unique approach to helping you build your own holistic business by certifying you in different healing modalities (Reiki, Chakra Healing) and providing the step-by-step instructions to build a profitable holistic business – and we approach it from three perspectives – Practical, Spiritual, and Healing.

If you’re looking for a traditional business course, this is NOT for you.

It’s been said that building a business is a “personal growth journey” in disguise. And we couldn’t agree more. Part of this 6-month program is embarking on or continuing your own spiritual journey. You’ll find that as you progress through the program, you will face several challenges that will force you to look deep inside and work through your roadblocks and limiting beliefs.

So if you’re ready to build a life aligned with your authentic self, collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs, and learn under a teacher that has “been there, done that”, then welcome to the Energy Healer Certification Program.

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A unique and essential part of this program is that you will grow personally along your Life Path as your build your business. You must be willing to go to uncomfortable places and challenge yourself. Remember that building a business is a "personal growth journey" in disguise.

Committing yourself to growth and personal accountability.



Your Intuition will align with the perfect VISION for your business. It will provide you the insights and the fortitude to create a place for others to do their healing, but you must trust and not let FEAR and LIMITING BELIEFS stand in your way. I will provide you the roadmap and space for you to build that vision of your business that totally aligns with your authentic self and beliefs.

Grounding your business in spirituality.



The PRACTICAL part is where we bring your VISION to LIFE. Together we will create and put to motion the steps necessary for your business growth. Some topics will include what information should be on your website, social media, blogs, email lists, funnels, lead magnets etc. and how to use them effectively to build your business and begin having your first $10k+ month.

The practicalities of being a business and your ability to be coachable.

Reiki I/II Certification

The Reiki Level I and II class are one day programs held ONLINE.  In the Reiki I class you are attuned to the Reiki energy and taught how to use it.  The attunement process is a ceremony whereby you are connected to the healing energy through the Crown Chakra.  In the Reiki II class you learn some advanced techniques and receive a further attunement session to connect you with three Usui symbols which are used to enhance your Reiki sessions. More info 

Chakra Practitioners Certification

Your Chakra training includes access to our Chakra Masterclass. Beyond the classical Chakra teachings, the Masterclass will provide YOU key insights into the TRUTH about why you feel the way you do. Discover the origins of your imbalances and tools to bring your life back into balance. Certification includes a deep dive into manifesting and discovering what's blocking you from truly bringing to life what you want in addition to learning how to perform a full-body Chakra Healing Session.  Weekly calls are hosted by Anna where you can ask any questions you want related to the Chakras! More info 

Business Mastery Training

The purpose of this part of the program is to give you a roadmap and support to build your holistic business so you can THRIVE doing the work you know is Aligned with your Soul. The program includes a 50+ page workbook, live weekly support calls, and will cover all the topics and exercises to set yourself up for $10k+ months.

How it Works

  • 6-month program
  • 6 Private One on One Calls with Anna (on Zoom)
  • Reiki I/II Certification
  • Chakra Practitioners Certification
  • Weekly Business Mastery Calls
  • Weekly Chakra Mastery Calls
  • 100+ page Emotional Healing Journal with with daily exercises and prompts
  • Access to ONLINE Chakra Masterclass and Business Mastery Classes

"My experience going to Holistic Journey has been an enlightening, positive spiritual journey for me. I immediately just felt comfortable and safe to open up, share, and talk through things while I was there. I have met such wonderful people through the classes and Reiki training I have taken at Holistic Journey. The Reiki training was very thorough, interactive and fun!"
Kathy M
"Anna is a blessing to my life. The universe lead me to Anna when I was searching for my authentic self. I am just about to finish my Chakra Clearing and Balancing Certification Course and will be participating in Reiki I and II in April. Life changing experience. Don’t just take the classes, Anna’s mentoring program is phenomenal!"
Adella F
"Having Anna as my teacher and mentor has truly helped me get there. Taking Reiki level 1& 2 along with the Chakra Master Practitioner program, was the final piece I needed to accomplish finding my true self. Her teachings, kindness, support, and inspiration all took part in it. I absolutely loved the journey and I am so excited and confident to take it to the next level. Opening my own business is where I am headed next and being of service to others in helping them on their self-healing journey is what I am most looking forward to."
Anna Pileci-Cartlidge

Anna Pileci-Cartlidge

Hi, I'm Anna - founder of Holistic Journey.

I draw upon my experience as an entrepreneur, my insights as a healer and teacher, and over a decade of business growth to help you take practical and actionable steps to build your business in the most effective way possible to achieve your most thrilling career goals. 

A little bit more about me - I am a Reiki Master, Relationship Mentor, and Chakra Healing expert. I have been practicing for nearly two decades. I have had the immense satisfaction of helping hundreds of clients through my programs as well as certifying hundreds of Reiki and Chakra Healing Practitioners over that time and providing them the tools to earn $10k+/month.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you with the starting blocks to build your holistic business.


In this 6-month journey, you will receive 4 Private One on One Coaching Sessions with Anna, Reiki I/II Certification, Chakra Healing Certification, 6months of weekly Business Mentoring Calls, 6 months of weekly Chakra Healing Calls, and access to our online Chakra Masterclass and Business Mastery Class. In those 6 months, you will completely shift your career and life!

If you are interested in joining the Energy Healer Certification Program, please book a complimentary 45-minute session where we can discuss your current situation and where you are with respect to your spiritual journey and business.