The Rise of the Soulpreneur

Get the exact Blueprint for how to Launch, Deliver, and Scale a successful Holistic business!



Are you ready to fulfill your Life's Dharma?

The Universe led you here for a reason – if you’re ready to transform your mindset & elevate your energy to manifest an extraordinary life – then you’re exactly where you’re meant to be! 

You know you have the skills to help so many....... but you have been feeling STUCK. You have a Big Heart, you are an Expert in what you do........ and you know you have a special Gift and a Message to share with others but you are STRUGGLING.

Gain the skills to build your own professional practice in this healing space!

Get the Clarity you need to attract clients and make money doing your Soul's work!

This program will help you if:

✅You Struggle to communicate what you do in a way that others understand

✅You don't have a business structure

✅Your ideal client is not clear on the problem you help them solve

✅You Are not clear on the problem you help them solve

✅You think you are not Ready

✅You are not showing up in your business


This program will help you Master your business so that you can turn your PASSION into PROFIT and FREEDOM.

It's not a matter of how ready you are, but simply a matter of how COMMITTED you are.

The only thing that has been missing for you is the...... Business Blueprint.....your level of Commitment to your Financial Success, Your Clients, and your new LIFE.

Our 90-day program shows how all this becomes possible and the exact steps to earn $10k per month and help the people you know you are here to help.

Building your holistic business into a six-figure income-earning company is possible, and with our program, you’ll learn the skills to make sure you’re able to do precisely that.

A Sneak Peek Inside Our 90-Day Program

Our Soulpreneur program touches on every aspect of how to build a successful holistic business.

Here are some of what you can expect when you join our program!

Learn How to Define Your Vision

If you’re not sure what your vision is, your audience won’t be, either. This lack of clarity will leave your audience scratching their heads. Our program starts by getting you to think about your vision for your business and what that means for your audience. Once you have the vision for your program, you can move on to the next phase of launching your business.

Discover Who Your Ideal Client Is

Without knowing who your client is, you can’t create a marketing plan to entice them to get to know
your brand. We’ll isolate who your ideal client is so you can better understand who to target, how to
target them, and where to go from here.

Learn How to Set Yourself Up As An Expert

Holistic experts are in high demand. With more people than ever seeking out ways to heal, relax, and
restore their minds and body, now is the time to capitalize on the industry. Yet, there are a few
important things you must do to set yourself up as an expert. One of which is understanding your skills and how those relate to your clients. We’ll walk you through a few different ways in which you can set yourself up as an expert.

Simple Ways to Connect with Your True Gifts

Your true gifts are hidden right beneath the surface. If you aren’t connected to them, you’re missing out on powerful skills that could transform your program into a six-figure earning business. During our program, we’ll get intimately familiar with your true gifts and help you figure out how to isolate them properly.

Detail How to Put Together a Successful Group Program

Group programs aren’t one size fits all. They should be built on what your audience wants or something you can prove to them that they need. Our program shows you how to put together an irresistible group program that leads them straight down the path of success.

Learn How to Conduct Powerful Consultations

Consultations are a way to get intimately familiar with your audience. If you aren’t using them that way, you’re missing out. Our program shows you how to use consultations to draw your audience in and give them a reason to keep coming back to you for advice.

Find out How to Properly Set Up Your Programs

There are so many different ways to set up your programs, but if you fail to set them up properly, you’ll end up with clients who don’t understand your message and a lackluster business model. Our program sets you up for success by showing you a proven method for doing what you do. This, in turn, leads to tens of thousands of dollars in revenue in just a few short months.

If you are ready for a Program to show you everything you Need to Execute and Run a Profitable Healing Practice then





"Anna helped me see where my passion really lies! Her online course is great for self-reflecting on what I really want out of my business. "

As a business owner, there is so much to learn! I decided to jump into the Soulpreneur program because I needed some clarity and guidance in my business. When I met with Anna, I was looking forward to this next step in my business. 

Anna helped me see where my passion really lies! Her online course is great for self-reflecting on what I really want out of my business. I also absolutely loved our weekly calls to catch up and ask questions. Especially in a group setting, where I got to meet other entrepreneurs. I can say that my business has grown and is on track! 

Thank you so much for this amazing experience! 

- Mélyssa Léveillé | Earthside Acres

"Anna helped me realize my true gifts and how to use them to attract my ideal client.  As a result of our work together, I have become inspired and empowered with the right tools and the formula to succeed."

Prior to working with Anna in the Soulpreneur program, I felt stuck trying to figure out what steps to take as an entrepreneur in my Reiki practice.

I had some clients but was also working full time in a corporate office, so I wasn’t sure how to scale and grow. 

But during our time together, Anna helped me realize my true gifts and how to use them to attract my ideal client.  

As a result of our work together, I have become inspired and empowered with the right tools and the formula to succeed.  

I now can say with confidence that I work specifically with those who want to reignite their passion in the world place!  

Since taking Anna’s course, I went from not knowing how to proceed in my holistic practice and being insecure to connecting with corporate managers and VIPs to integrating my Reiki practice into their wellness program and getting paid to do it!  

If you are committed and ready for growth, I recommend working with Anna. She will help guide you in the right direction.  

The Soulpreneur course is structured and set up for success and will show you how to work smarter not harder.  Anna has helped me work through my weaknesses and encouraged me to accept my gifts and turn them into my strengths.  

Thank you, Anna, wishing you continued success always, it was a pleasure working with you! 

- Nadia, Bolton, Ontario | Sanaluce

" I signed up for her business mentoring program and it has changed my life forever. Not only do I now Reiki infuse the candles I make, but I also run an established Reiki and Chakra Balancing practice. "

Soon after I had a “FINDING ME” consultation with Anna, I signed up for her business mentoring program and it has changed my life forever. Not only do I now Reiki infuse the candles I make, but I also run an established Reiki and Chakra Balancing practice. Due to Covid-19, I decided to return to my corporate job on a part-time basis. With Anna’s help, I found the perfect balance. Not only has Anna helped me with my career but she has helped me grieve the loss of my dad. He died in November of 2015 but I only started to grieve when I started my Reiki sessions with Anna in November of 2019. She has also helped me understand my self-worth. I am forever grateful for Anna. In helping me, she is also helping my family, my coworkers, my clients, and everyone else around me.

- Kaitlin P. |

"Life-Changing Experience"

Anna is a blessing to my life. The universe lead me to Anna when I was searching for my authentic self. I am just about to finish my Chakra Clearing and Balancing Certification Course and will be participating in Reiki I and II in April. Life-changing experience. Don’t just take the classes, Anna’s mentoring program is phenomenal!

- A. F.


Hands-On Learning To Make Your Business Thrive

Our Soulpreneur program includes a variety of support for chakra and reiki practitioners to embrace. We offer weekly online Zoom calls, 2x1:1 Private Sessions with Anna, Mentor to Holistic Business Owners, and holistic journey certifier. Anna has also created a detailed 100+ page Workbook to accompany her course to ensure you can follow along as she outlines every important tip for building your business.

Ready for Your Step-By-Step Business Success Blueprint?

Our step-by-step proven blueprint guides you to make $10k per month in as little as 3 months. Our program’s blueprint is not guesswork. It’s years of hands-on learning put together by a certified business coach. If you’re ready to leave behind outdated approaches to building a holistic business or if you’re struggling to make a decent living without burning out, it’s time to get the help you need. Let’s start with a FREE Discovery Consultation to get to know what you’re after and if Anna is the right fit for you.

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Anna Pileci-Cartlidge

Owner, Holistic Journey

Business Mentor to Holistic Business Owners

Hi, I’m Anna.

As a Spiritual Mentor, Reiki Master/Teacher, Chakra Healing Expert, and the Founder of Holistic Journey, I’m on a mission to elevate the collective by teaching individuals just like you how to step into your authenticity, rewrite the stories that are keeping you from reaching your highest potential & to bring your once impossible dreams into reality. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others massively uplevel their own lives in absolutely every aspect they desire and I cannot wait to share with you the tools, strategies & teachings that will lead you to your infinite potential! 

After my own journey as an Empath and suffering from depression, anxiety, and failed relationships, my healing has brought me the life I have today, leaving the corporate world and living my dream and the Entrepreneurial life I have always envisioned. I have helped and certified 100's of clients through their healing journey. I also help Reiki/Chakra/Energy Healers who are frustrated and exhausted trying to turn their Passion into a Successful and Profitable Business. I provide the strategies and a step-by-step blueprint to help you identify what you need to do to bring your vision to life and start earning 6 figures.

After all, we are here for a reason and to fulfill our purpose - Are you ready to step into yours?

Let me help YOU!