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What is Revealed in the Root Chakra? Do I feel safe and at ease in my body? Do I have stamina and strength to fulfill my life’s purpose? Red Jasper stimulates the Base, or Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine, When physically out of balance the symptoms manifest themselves as lethargy, low levels of activity, low enthusiasm, and a need for constant stimulation. When spiritual energies are out of balance, one may feel flighty, disconnected from reality or distant. When the Base Chakra is in balance, the physical body regains its strength and stamina, and the spiritual energy is rekindled in the form of security and sense of one’s own power. Use Red Jasper to alleviate stress and reconnect with Earth’s grounding energies. Its cleansing effect eliminates negativity, returning it to its source, and stabilizing the aura. It is an ideal worry or rubbing stone for soothing the nerves and restoring balance.


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