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Healing Touch Aromatherapy Massage

An Extravagant Essential Oil Experience – Indulge yourself with this massage in a whole body uplifting experience that utilizes eight pure therapeutic essential oils that are gently applied to your body using light touch to allow for maximal absorption into the skin.  These oils are applied along energy meridians and reflexology points of the back, feet and hands which helps balance the nervous system and other systems within the body.  Some of the benefits of this massage include:

-Relaxes and soothes the body

-Oils chosen can help to bring balance to body

-Oils are very conditioning for skin

-Stimulates lymphatic and circulatory system

-Helps body to remove toxins

Although a gentle technique, you will leave this massage relaxed and energized.  It’s an ideal service for anybody to support the nervous system, immune function, reduce inflammation and pain, and balance the body.


60 mins ∼ $85