Intuitive Dream Circle

“All dreams speak a universal language and come in the service of health and wholeness. There is no such thing as a “bad dream” — only dreams that sometimes take a dramatically negative form in order to grab our attention.”

Have you ever awakened from a dream that seemed so real that you wondered what it meant? Perhaps you are someone who can’t remember your dreams unless they are nightmares or frightful and disturbing.

This Intuitive Dream Circle will …

  • Assist you in understanding that your dreams are intimate texts that you are sending yourself.
  • Assist you to see that only you, the dreamer, can say with any certainty what meanings your dreams may have. This certainty usually comes in the form of an “aha!” moment of recognition. This “aha” moment is a function of memory which is the only reliable touchstone of dream work.
  • Teach you that each dream usually has more than one meaning.
  • Teach you that no dreams simply tell you what you already know. All dreams break new ground
    and invite you to new understandings and insights.



Intuitive Dream Circle

In the Intuitive Dream Circle, each participant must arrive to the group with two written dreams to share. Each participant will read their dream aloud to the rest of the circle and then a process of feedback and reflection will occur.  This process repeats for each participant. Note: In a dream group, participants agree at the outset to maintain anonymity in all discussions of dream work.

This workshop is co-hosted by Anna Pileci-Cartlidge from Holisitic Journey and Kevin Campbell – a Spiritual Director and Reiki Practitioner.

Please wear loose clothing and bring a journal.

Fee: $40 + HST

Next Date:  April 4 2018 7-10pm