Meditation Classes

Our lives are so often taken up by routine and responsibilities, sometimes leaving us feeling emptiness within. Join me for one of our meditations where we explore how we might move towards deeper meaning and fulfillment.

We currently offer the four meditation evenings:

  • Relationships and Cording
  • Leading with Purpose Meditation – for Leaders and Entrepreneurs
  • Guided Chakra “Tea” Meditations for Emotional Healing
  • February Quality of Love Connecting Self-Care Meditation Series

For more information and to register please see the individual course descriptions below.

Optional: Please bring a book to journal in.

Note: We require a minimum number of people to run a class. In the case where the minimum number is not met, you may transfer your registration fee to a future class.

All courses are held at Holistic Journey.

Guided Chakra "Tea" Meditations Series for Emotional Healing

Buddha Chakra Balancing

Join Anna in this Chakra Mediation series to practice simple breathing meditations and visualizations. As a Reiki Master, the meditation will be inspired by Reiki, sound and smudging. During the 7-week series where we will incorporate specific “Herbal TEA Blends” and “ESSENTIAL OILS”  that will aid with the balancing of each specific Chakra.  Each person will get their own take-home essential oil blend for each particular Chakra!

This introductory meditation series will explore the 7 Chakras and make you ready to step into your personal power. Join us on 7 consecutive weeks every Tuesday from Mar 5 to Apr 16 from 7:30-8:30PM.

  • Root Chakra – Security and Stability (Mar 5 2019)
  • Sacral Chakra – Self-Gratification (Mar 12 2019)
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – Personal Power (Mar 19 2019)
  • Heart Chakra – Love and Forgiveness (Mar 26 2019)
  • Throat Chakra – Voice and Truth (Apr 2 2019)
  • Third Eye Chakra – Insight and Intuition (Apr 9 2019)
  • Crown Chakra – Spiritual Connection (Apr 16 2019)

Fee: $20 + HST per class; or $120 + HST for all 7

Relationships and Cording

Do you often find yourself feeling drained or lacking in energy? Is there someone that you just can’t seem to stop thinking about no matter how much you try to let them go?

We will explore energetic cords with others and begin the process of clearing unwanted cords. A guided meditation will be used to help with the process.

Fee: $35 + HST

Next Date: Feb 23 2019 3-5PM

February Qualities of Love Connecting Self-Care Mediation Series

February is always a great time to explore LOVE. But, there are many types of love other than romantic love – self-love, compassion, gratitude, peace and kindness, and divine love! Join us on 4 consecutive weeks every Tuesday in February from 7:30-8:30PM.

  • Mindfulness for Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Insomnia and Pain  (Feb 5 2019)
  • Self-love and Compassion (Feb 12 2019)
  • Love and Wisdom (Feb 19 2019)
  • Love and Peace (Feb 26 2019)

Fee:  $20 + HST per class; or $60 + HST for all 4

Note: No refunds will be provided for missed classes.  Make up classes can be taken in future rotations.

Leading with Purpose Meditation - for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

What is preventing you from growing? What are you aiming to achieve? This meditation is for leaders and business owners who are looking to move toward deeper meaning and fulfillment.  Richard Branson meditates. Arianna Huffington swears by it. The likes of Google, Microsoft and Nike are talking about it. Come start your journey towards becoming a more mindful leader.

Fee:  $20 + HST

Next Class: Jan 30 2019 7:30-8:30PM