Healing Meditation Evening
Whether you feel called to give or receive, this healing circle is meant to invite more Light into your life and the world in order to benefit those who are in need of healing.

If you are thinking about making a difference in yourself and in others in a holistic and/or spiritual way please join this Healing Meditation Circle. If you’re planning to participate and know someone in need of healing, please bring their name with you to the Healing Circle.

The evening will begin with smudging through the use of California Sage, Palo Santo and Essential Oils. We will explore the properties and benefits of each one.


Healing Meditation Evening

Holistic Journey will be having a Healing Meditation Evening facilitated by Anna. This event is for everyone who is interested to receiving spiritual healing. All faiths and all spiritualities are welcome.

This event will include meditation, group and individual energy works.

Due to room size, number of attendees are limited, so please register soon.

Fee:  $20 + HST

Next Date: TBD