Esential Oils Workshops

Be your own Family Physician with Essential Oils

Do you love essential oils? Want to master natural wellness?

Do you want a safer, cheaper and more effective way of supporting your health needs and goals? Join me for this informative workshop to discover the power of essential oils and learn how to reinvent your healthcare with them.

See below for more information on our next Essential Oil Workshop.


Essential Oils Workshops

At our Essential Oils workshops we will discuss the benefits of essential oils, safety guidelines, and applications. I will demonstrate various essential oils and talk about their benefits. Participants will also be able to smell and test different oils in addition to learning how to buy these oils at wholesale prices and get some of your oils for free.

Understanding how to use and benefit from essential oils can improve health, mental outlook, energy, and quality of life including:

-raise your mood
-support emotional healing
-build your immune system
-assist in first aid and pain relief
-clean the air in your environment
-release stress and combat symptoms of hypertension and anxiety
-use as household products like bug repellent, beauty, and cleaning products

I invite you to learn more and experience essential oils for yourself!



Next Dates:

  • Nov 12: TBD
  • Nov 15 Emotions and Immunity Workshop – 7-9pm at Holistic Journey

Contact us to RSVP for either event.