Ear Candling Workshop

Ear candling is a gentle, soothing and effective method of cleansing old and impacted ear wax, pollution and debris from the ears. Results may vary but ear candling has been shown to help relieve migraine and tension headaches, increase clarity in hearing, help relieve swollen glands, help relieve itchiness and ringing in the ears, removal of old and impacted wax, and help relieve from inflammation in the jaw (TMJ).

Anyone can learn to perform ear candling on others. For holistic health practitioners, this may be an add-on to your existing business.

Holistic Journey only uses 100% Pure, All-Natural Beeswax, Non-toxic, Non-allergenic ear candles.

Note: Ear candling is not to be performed on oneself.

Note: We require a minimum number of people to run a class. In the case where the minimum number is not met, you may transfer your registration fee to a future class.


Ear Candling Workshop

This workshop and reference material presented and provided have been created as a source of information for those interested in knowing more about this ancient healing art and who wish to learn this method to be performed on others only. It is not meant to be diagnostic in nature and does not replace medical care.

– Overview of history of ear candling
– Do’s & Don’ts of ear candling
– Hands-on process & application: observe a complete session;
give and receive an ear candling session in-class
– Who are Candidates for Ear Candling – Contraindications
– Starter Kit: 2 sets of candles

Fee: $199 + HST

Next Date:  March 9 1-4pm