Chakra Balancing & Healing Practitioners Courses 

Heal yourself and others

Emotions are records of our past – are you ready to become aware of them so you can create a new version of yourself?

Chakras can have a profound impact on helping you achieve your full potential. How do we access all of this wonderful life supporting energy we have? This course delivers all the answers and will have you balancing and experiencing this new found energy and happiness in no time!

What is Chakra Balancing?

The effects from Chakra Balancing have  been documented since ancient Egypt, China, and India to restore your body, mind, and spirit.

Every area of your life is influenced by the 7 main energy Chakras in your body. This course offers you a unique way to balance and heal Chakras in a variety of ways to keep you and your clients in tip top condition.

What are the benefits?

Relieve stress and anxiety, empower yourself and others, vitalize the physical body and find  mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

Where I teach:

 All classes are taught in a very relaxed and supportive environment in my home office in Valleywood – Caledon, Ontario.  I also provide ongoing mentoring support for all my students, including Reiki And Chakra Share practice evenings.


What’s included:

  • Manual
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Snacks and water
  • Wonderful days of self-discovery and wellness meeting other like-minded individuals in our community!




The Level I program is designed as a prerequisite for the Practitioners Certification and focuses primarily on Self Care. It is essential that you are aware of your own imbalances before working on others. This certification gives you both the tools and the knowledge to balance your own 7 main Chakras. 

This class includes:

  • Your Chakras and psyche
  • What causes blockages
  • Chakra health and dynamics
  • How to harvest the Chakras through essential oils and crystals
  • Healing your Chakras and psyche
  • Exercises to assist in balancing or releasing blocks
  • Affirmations

 This Chakra Balancing and Healing Level I Certification course is taught as a two-day course over two consecutive Saturdays.  

Prerequisite: None

Investment: $499 + HST

Next Dates: June 1 and 8 10-5pm


Our Level II Practitioners Certification program is taught over three consecutive Saturdays that starts with the Chakra Balancing and Healing Level I Certification course for the first two weeks. 

This class includes:

  • Manifesting – to create something we must first have an idea of what it is we want to create
  • Crosscurrents – These are conflicting intentions and beliefs from the past that re-assert themselves when you set an intention. Learn how to get past them. 
  • Techniques for intuitive awareness
  • How to perform a full-body Chakra Balancing session
  • Giving and receiving a full-body Chakra Balancing session

Add this to your current repertoire of holistic services or start your own business!  Or simply practice on yourself and family and friends.

Investment: $699 + HST

Next Dates: June 1, 8 and 15 10-5PM


Have you completed our Practitioners Certification and are looking now to teach Chakra Balancing to others?  Complete our Chakra Balancing Teachers Certification class.  Coming soon!

Prerequisite: Practitioners Certification (Level II)

Investment: TBD

Next Dates: TBD