Chakra Balancing and Meditation Class
The body never lies.

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Feel Healthy, Energized and Vibrant.

Chakra Awareness helps you to achieve a state of good health and balanced emotions that bring happiness, peace and refreshed energy into our being.  Learning about the seven chakras and how they affect our overall health and wellness is the first step on a wonderful journey – this course sets you on a positive path of self discovery and enlightenment.

Every area of your life is influenced by the 7 main energy Chakras in your body. This course teaches you about the 7 Chakras and provides the tools to keep you in a balanced, relaxed state. You will learn about overall health and wellness and how to restore good health to the body, relieve stress and anxiety, empower yourself and others, vitalize the physical body and bring about the development and awareness of the self-consciousness bringing mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

This is a one-day course covering all the chakras beginning with the Root Chakra and ending with the Crown Chakra.   A Chakra Balancing Certification Class is offered in-person in the 8th week for those interested in learning about the Chakra Balancing hand positions and performing a Chakra Balancing session.  Please contact me for more details.


Chakra Balancing and Meditation Class

In this class we will include an in-depth analysis of a specific chakra and look at topics such as symptoms of over and under-active chakras, the effects of unbalanced chakras on your overall mental, physical and emotional well-being, and strategies to balance each chakra.  We will start with the Root Chakra and end with the Crown Chakra.  We will also answer common questions like:

  • What are the Chakras?
  • Where are they located?
  • What do they do?
  • What do they influence?

Don’t just spin the wheels of your life – begin the process of balancing your Chakras and experience true good health and vitality. With benefits like these, you don’t want to wait. This introductory course to the 7 Chakras will have you feeling terrific and make you ready to step into your personal power.

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Interested in performing a Chakra Balancing Session?  Take our Chakra Balancing Certification Class.  Please contact me for more details.