Chakra Master Healer Certification

A Strategic Blueprint for Profound Transformation

Discover the Vital Key Elevating Every Healer’s Practice with this healing modality that deeply serves the world.
Chakra Healing


Become a Chakra Master Healer!

The Chakra Master Certification Program will empower you to unlock your full potential, become a transformational leader, and create a thriving business and lifestyle.

Step into the Light of Your Purpose!

And fulfill your deep desire to make a difference in the world! Gain the clarity you’ve been seeking to become the Healer you know you are meant to be!

It's your Time to Heal Your Chakras - Change Your Life!!

It’s a form of nourishment for your soul. Healing each of your chakras, liberating you to release what no longer serves you, and reconnect to your truest best self.

“It feels like coming home.”

You are probably here because …

You know you have a UNIQUE GIFT -


Each module in the Program contains videos, exercises, templates, and worksheets specifically designed for your healing and Creating Your Best Life.

It’s a process that will set you apart from any other programs you have done!

Awaken Your Energy Healing Abilities and Master the Art of Healing Through the Chakras
In Each Module, you will discover:

FOUNDATION – Perspective – Your Path to Freedom

This is at the core of everything you do!

When you become an expert in your own Life Patterns – you will finally stop feeling Overwhelmed and Attract the Life You Want! You will Feel Safe to Be Seen!

Inside Module 1 – You’ll Discover:
Then once you have the foundation, we’ll move onto…

Get in Touch with your EMOTIONS

Overcome Guilt and Numbness

You’ll learn how to work with your emotions to help you navigate any situation with more grace and courage.

You’ll become an expert in understanding your emotions and triggers AND shift from a chaotic, messy, and stressful state you often default to helping you boost your confidence.

Inside Module 2 – You’ll Discover:
And More……

Take Back Control of Your Life!

Imagine how much energy you will have once you harness these essential boundaries and BOOST your personal power!

Inside Module 3 – You’ll Discover:
And More…

The Truth about Healthy Connections with Others

Now that you have developed your Superpowers, it’s time to start applying them to your connections with others.

Bringing the complete picture of your life and relationships. Integrating your transformation!

Inside Module 4 – You’ll Discover:
And More……

Learn the Power of Self-Expression

Inside Module 5 – You’ll Discover:
And More…

CAPTURE your Thinking


Learn to Trust your Gut Feeling. Heal Your Mind and Your Thoughts!

Inside Module 6 – You’ll Discover:
And More……

Align with your Highest Self, Gain Clarity, and become Unstoppable!

Finding Your Unique Genius

Connect to Discover Your True Identity!

Surrender to a Life Burning with Vitality.

Inside Module 7 – You’ll Discover:
And I will help you Make the Transformation….

See you on the Inside!

Conduct Group healing programs, enhance and support your business practice, broaden your skill set, and aid your current clients in healing faster while promoting the growth of their mind, body, and spirit, then this certification is perfect for YOU.

See you on the Inside!




“She has given me the tools to overcome the heaviness and release the emotional trauma … and today I am living the life of my passion and joy and I have fallen in love with myself.”

Our Certification Program uses Chakra principles to help you overcome Spiritual Blocks, Heal Emotionally, and release Emotional pain, leading to improved Relationships.


I believe in this Program - and YOU - so much that I'll even guarantee it.


I’m going to give you a FULL 120 DAYS to work through and prove to yourself that you CAN create these powerful results in your own life. If it doesn’t, then all you need to do is contact my team and we’ll be happy to return your investment to you.

But, I’m not going to deny it … there is one thing you have to do first.

The WORK. You have to show us that you actually did the work, show up, and participate.

And, our reasoning for this is … nothing will ever change for you unless YOU CHANGE. You need to show up for yourself in the process – it’s required to actually follow through on your intentions.

People sometimes believe that pressing the “BUY” button will simply erase their problems. They’ll purchase a program and think that the work is complete. But, a couple of months down the road they haven’t even watched the welcome video, telling themselves that the course isn’t working.

This Program will not work unless YOU do!

If you are not planning to show up for yourself, if you are not motivated to make changes in your life, then do not do this. Save your money.

I can’t want this more for you than you do yourself …

But …

You have to want it.

The Certified Chakra Master Healer Program is the only Program in the Industry that offers you A PERSONAL HEALING JOURNEY AND MASTER HEALER CERTIFICATION “ALL IN ONE”

It’s not a typical astrology reading or therapy session where someone else determines your future. It’s also not an e-book that can be found on Google.

Investing in yourself pays huge returns with “Lifetime Access” to a personal Mentor.

“An opportunity you don’t want to miss!

It’s finally your turn…”

Chakra Certification Master

Embrace a Unique Healing and Spiritual Journey with Our Program!

Whether you’re a participant in online programs, a self-help book enthusiast, or just starting your journey, this PROGRAM is designed for those seeking a gentle introduction or an accelerated path to healing and spiritual growth. It seamlessly blends Personal Healing and a New Career Path in a way that sets it apart from other programs in the industry. Take control of your pace, with daily group support available Monday to Friday and Monthly Zoom calls. It’s time to embark on a journey like no other!

Embark on Your Journey to Mastery: Chakra Master Certification – Unlocking a Fulfilling Career as a Chakra Master Healer!

Take the first step toward mastering the art of chakra healing and creating a lasting impact on your journey!

Unlock the Secrets: 🔓 Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering a Full Chakra Balancing Session

📘 Chakra Healing Workbook

🌟 Lifetime Access to All “7 Stages of Healing” Self-Healers Journey Core Modules

👥 Private Community Facebook Group (Priceless)

🚀 Monthly “LIVE” Zoom Sessions for Q&A and Motivation

🌈 Connect with Like-minded Empaths

⏰ 9 am to 5 pm EST, Monday to Friday – LIFETIME

🎁 Template for Building Your Own Group Program

🌈 Weekly “Live” Chakra Healing Sessions in the Community

📘 Emotional Healing Workbook and Journal

🧘 Meditation Library with Guided Meditations and Mantras

🔮 Personal Chakra Assessment by Anna

💫 How to Manifest Your Dreams Using the Chakra System (the only successful way to do it)

Certified Chakra Master Healer!

Invest in Your Personal Healing and Professional Growth for Only
$ 1997 One Time
  • Secure Your Lifetime Access with this One-Time Investment...

Certified Chakra Master Healer!

Invest in Your Personal Healing and Professional Growth for Only
$ 597 4 Payments of
  • Secure Your Lifetime Access with this One-Time Investment...

I've helped hundreds of Empaths and now it's your turn!


My private clients pay me anywhere from $10,000-$15,000 to work with me in a private intimate setting.

My courses and programs cost thousands.

In recent years, I’ve observed that many Energy Healers and Holistic Practitioners face difficulties moving their practice forward and left feeling unfulfilled and overwhelmed. This often leads them to a standstill and prevents them from progressing beyond just having an idea in their mind. Don’t let that be YOU!

The fact that you’re on this page means that you KNOW you need a program like the 7 STAGES OF HEALING to get you from wounded to EMPOWERED. And, the fact that you’re on this page also means that you’ve not yet found that program because if you did, you wouldn’t be here right now! This program is designed to get you out of Imposter Syndrome so that you can start helping the people you are meant to help.

I've helped hundreds of Empaths and now it's your turn!

This means, if you never get this figured out, you never connect to your true beliefs, your identity, or your relationships.

Your identity is the most powerful force that influences every thought, feeling, and emotion in your life.

It’s for that reason that I want to make sure that I can provide this training for as many Healers and Empaths as I can.

It’s my Mission.

“The work we do on ourselves becomes our gift to everyone else.”

Are you ready to take on a bigger role in your life and join our community of lightworkers?

meet your instructor anna!

Hi – I’m Anna your Personal Mentor on your Healing Journey of Self-Discovery and becoming a Chakra Master Healer yourself.

By joining our Community, you will understand the Chakra system on a much deeper level. You will have an opportunity to heal your trauma. You will explore how your family’s emotional health has impacted you and your emotions.

Most of all you will have the opportunity to unlock the guilt, fear, shame, and sorrow that’s holding you back from YOUR BEST LIFE!

Here’s a revised version of the text with spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors corrected:

A little bit about me – I am the creator of the “7 Stages of Healing” and the “Chakra Master Healer Program”. I’m a Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, and Chakra Healing expert. My focus is on helping Empaths, Healers, and Holistic practitioners facing Emotional Burnout to discover their unique purpose in this World ❤️✨.

I left the Corporate world behind in 2011 and have been practicing for almost two decades. I’m best known as the “HEALER FOR THE HEALERS”.

I have had the immense satisfaction of helping hundreds of clients through my programs as well as certifying hundreds of Reiki and Chakra Healing Practitioners over that time.

As your mentor, I am excited to meet you and guide you through the 7 Stages of Healing and Chakra Master Certification Program for your personal and professional transformation.

– Anna


This program will help you identify deeper truths to the work you already do with your clients. It will enhance their healing experience and take them through their deeper work in ways you were not able to do before.
Yes, you will have immediate access to our member portal where all our program material is hosted. Inside you can immediately get started. You don’t have to wait for a start date for your transformation.
This program has been proven to work for both beginners and those further along their healing journey. It has been setup to be impactful for anyone at any stage of their journey. Healing has layers to be uncovered.

This can be a difficult question to answer as it depends where you are on your Healing journey. It will take someone at the beginning of their healing journey longer, while someone who has delved deep into their journey can get it done faster.

However, I can guarantee you it WILL take you LESS time than if you tried to do it on your own.

I know exactly what you are saying. I was you many years ago. Most people say that through this work they are able to see what has been hiding in their blind spots for many years. This program will help you see things that were not apparent to you in therapy or through books. You will never have to seek help elsewhere after taking this program. All that you have been searching for is on the inside of this program.

This is the only Program that WILL provide you with the tools and knowledge required to understand your Trauma has impacted EVERY corner of your Life – AND HOW TO BEGIN HEALING.

Simple, basic information is NOT enough.

As a Chakra Healing Expert, I have worked with and certified Hundreds of clients helping them gain true awareness enabling them to Unleash their TRUE POTENTIAL.

You will NOT achieve this level of Healing anywhere else.


Yes, you sure do! All program members have access to the private Facebook group, live group Q & A’s, and LIVE HEALING sessions each week. Feedback is provided to all questions within 24 hours 9 to 5 pm EST M-F.

" You only make true progress in life when you begin with the truth. The truth about where you are, where you've been, and where you want to go."