Chakra Healer Certification

Unlock Your Inner Power and Transform Your Life with 7 Stages of Chakra Healing!

Begin your New Career as a Certified Chakra Healer Practitioner

2 Consecutive Saturdays - June 3 and 10, 2023 - 10-4PM EST



Chakra Healing is the best way to maintain the optimal function of your spiritual energy.  

This Certification program will provide an in-depth explanation of the 7 Chakras and how they can affect your life and health. This program will take you through your own Healing through my proprietary "7 Stages of Healing" while preparing you for your journey as a Soulpreneur and Chakra Healer.

When the Chakras are unbalanced or blocked it could lead to - Suppressed and Negative emotions, holding on to resentment and past trauma, lack of self-esteem and self-love.

You will delve deep into each chakra and learn how to perform a full Chakra Balancing Session!

This class includes:

  • 7 Stages of Healing - Chakra Healing Program ($780 value)
  • Chakra health and dynamics
  • What causes blockages
  • How to heal the Chakras through essential oils and crystals
  • The Chakras and your psyche
  • Exercises to assist in balancing or releasing blocks
  • Affirmations
  • Manifesting - to create something we must first have an idea of what it is we want to create
  • Looking deeper at the conflicting intentions and beliefs from the past that re-assert themselves when you set an intention. Learn how to get past them.
  • Techniques for intuitive awareness
  • How to perform a full-body Chakra Balancing session
  • Case Studies - Giving Full Body Sessions


Add Chakra Healing to your current repertoire of holistic services or start your own business! Or simply practice on yourself and family and friends.

Next Dates: April 15 and 22, 2023 (two consecutive Saturdays) - 10-4pm EST

Here is what a few of our previous students had to say ...

My biggest takeaway from the Chakra Balancing Class was the connection between the chakras and their physical, mental and emotional manifestation. The curriculum allowed us to put into action everything we learned in the class material. My recommendation for anyone thinking about taking this class is to just GO FOR IT! 

N.J. - Vaughn, ON  


Understanding the chakra system was an eye opener for me in particular how so much that has manifested in my current life based on my past experiences. This class was both a learning and healing experience all in one. There is so much to learn about yourself in this class, it has been a life-changing experience and I am grateful for it.  

M.E. - Brampton, ON


This class was a great self-discovery class. The key learning for me was making a connection between the chakras and its impact on our physical and emotional state along with its origin.

R.S. - Brampton, ON


This class was very informative and very helpful in understanding yourself as well as others. It described perfectly how the Chakras are affected, how they relate to the events of my life and why Iā€™m holding back from truly achieving my dreams. Anyone looking for healing can benefit from taking this class.

K.M. - Brampton, ON

Meet Your Host - Anna

Thank you for taking the time to consider registering for Holistic Journey's Chakra Practitioners Certification

A little about me - I am a Reiki Master, Spiritual and Business Mentor, and Chakra Healing expert. I specialize in emotional well-being, helping individuals who feel anxious, overwhelmed, and frustrated find a life of Passion and Fulfillment. What I value most is the core values in my life which are: freedom of expression, love, courage, peace, family, continuous growth and learning, authenticity, integrity, compassion and understanding. I have been practicing for almost two decades and have had the immense satisfaction of certifying hundreds of Reiki and Chakra Practitioners over that time. 

Learning about the Chakras is a wonderful opportunity for you to find healing for yourself, your friends and family. Chakra healing supports a balanced flow that sustains our overall level of energy. In everyday life, we are subjected to sources of stress and demands that result in fluctuations in our energy levels. Some may feel draining, others fulfilling or nourishing. Past events and experiences often influence how we feel and are in the world, therefore influencing how we manage our energy day-to-day. With your Chakra Practitioners Certification you will be able to perform a Chakra Healing session - in addition to starting your own business and building your signature programs if you choose to!  

I look forward to meeting you and helping you through your personal transformational process through our Chakra Practitioners Certification program.  


Anna Pileci-Cartlidge

Founder, Holistic Journey

Reiki Master

Spiritual and Business Mentor

Chakra Healing Expert


April 15 2023 10-4 PM EST

Day 1

April 22 2023 10-4 PM EST

Day 2

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