Energy Healing Certification Program

Business Mentoring with Anna

Ready to build a BOLD and brave breakthrough action plan creating a happier, more successful career and professional life?

Want to learn how to build your practice to 5-figures in income per month? Get the expert help you need to advance powerfully, build confidence, and reach your highest goals with impact! These sessions are suitable for anyone looking for a blueprint on how to build their holistic practice to 5-figures in income per month.

My journey as an entrepreneur began at the end of my sales auditor career in the corporate world. I was living the life everybody told me I should be living – I owned a home, a car and had a “stable and safe” corporate job.  I was a single mother raising my beautiful son. I was by anyone’s standards a “successful” woman.  I should have been content and satisfied with my life. But inside I was miserable. I was falling into a pit of constant anxiety and depression. Nobody could see that part of my life from the outside. My life felt “soul sucking” and I dreaded waking up each morning and living the same mundane life all over again. So, what was causing my unhappiness? I had the life most people aspire to – but that was, in fact, a significant part of the CAUSE of my depression! I didn’t WANT the life most people aspire to. I wanted to live the life I was passionate about – not what everybody else told me I should want. I felt trapped. 

And that’s when it clicked and the path forward became clear – as part of my healing process, I NEEDED to follow my passions and build a new career as an entrepreneur in the energy healing field. I was being called in this direction and needed to surrender to it. Of course, many around me told me that I was “crazy” and that no one would be interested in this “woo-woo” stuff I’m embarking on and suggested I  return to corporate life. You will find that when you are growing and being true to your authentic self, there are many around you who will feel threatened and project their own fears onto you. Not everybody will be supportive and on board with your awakening and ultimate transformation. But don’t let that stop you! 

Work with me as we transform this “woo-woo” language into something that your clients and others will understand exactly what you do. Get ready to dive in and understand who you are and what you most desire to bring to life through your work.

Your private 1:1 mentoring sessions with Anna will be the most powerful and focused way to get to the heart of what you want in your business and then make it a reality!

In each session, I will draw upon my experience as an entrepreneur, my insights as a healer and teacher, and over a decade of business growth to help you take practical and actionable steps to build your business in the most effective way possible.  I will help you get clarity on your passion, talents and goals and build an empowering action plan to achieve your most thrilling career goals.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.